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HC lauded for stand against Srikrishna panel’s suggestion

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Hyderabad: The South Asia Media Commission has commended the Andhra Pradesh High Court for the stand it took against the Srikrishna Committee report’s suggestion to use government advertisements to arm-twist the media.

In a press statement, the commission expressed concern that such a suggestion was made by the Srikrishna Committee appointed by the Union government to study and present a report on the Telangana issue.

The court had considered `disturbing’ the committee’s suggestion of carefully handling the print media given its dependence on the government for advertisement revenue. In a press statement, KK Katyal, president of the Media Commission’s Indian chapter, stated that the body was appalled at the committee’s suggestion to legitimise a practice, used stealthily, at times clandestinely by the authorities and demanded that the suggestion be rejected by the government.

The Srikrishna Committee’s recommendation relating to media management was part of the secret note in the committee’s report.

The Media Commission commended the High Court’s observation that using government advertisements to arm-twist the media should not have occurred to the Srikrishna Committee in general. The Media Commission agreed with the High Court statement: “One would only wish that the members of the Committee hailing from the legal fraternity and social sciences were not aware of these contents of the report.” TOI

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