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Hindu parents adopt Muslim child in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: Amidst all the blood and chaos during the 2007 Hyderabad attacks, Lal came across a four-year-old Muslim girl. She was terrified and weeping for her parents who were killed in the blast. He brought her home and since then she has been growing up as a member of his Hindu family.

“It is not about Hindu and Muslim, it is about humanity,” says Lal.

The girl’s new family calls her Sonia. She belongs to the Muslim community but that has never bothered Lal or his wife Jayshree. In fact, they even encourage her to offer namaaz (prayers) regularly.
“For us she is our daughter now,” says Lal.

Lal, works as a sculptor-cum-painter in temples and says things started going right for them after Sonia came into their lives. They wish everything big for their little daughter.

“We named her Sonia so that she always becomes as famous as Sonia Gandhi,” says mother Jayshree.

Sonia still talks about her ammi (mother) and abba (father) and gets upset when the blast is mentioned. But then the love of her new parents have helped her carry on in life. CNN-IBN

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