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Hyderabad: The Outer Ring Road for a length of 38.63 km from Shamshabad to Pedda Amberpet (on Vijayawada National Highway) has been completed with 8-lanes and Access Controlled features. The above road is opened to traffic from 1st March, 2011. With the completion of this stretch, a total length of 62 km is available to public, connecting Vijayawada Road to Gachibowli via Shamshabad.

The HMDA said in a press note that the State Government has accorded approval for tolling the above road at the rates on par with NHAI. The following toll rates are applicable for various categories of vehicle for the year from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012: Cars / Jeeps: Rs. 0.82 per km., LCV / Minibus: Rs. 1.33 per km, Bus / Truck: Rs. 2.79 per km, Multi Axle Truck (3 to 6 Axles): Rs. 4.36 per km, Multi Axle Truck (7 or more Axles): Rs. 5.32 per km.

The toll amount payable will be based on the travel distance and rounded off to nearest ten, for ease of payment. Toll fee for some important destination are as follows:

Description Amount in Rs. for the type of Vehicle

Car Truck

Gachibowli to APPA 10.00 30.00

Gachibowli to Shamshabad 20.00 60.00

Gachibowli to Pedda Amberpet 50.00 170.00

Toll Collection is likely to begin in about 90 days, immediately after finalization of tenders. Meanwhile, the traffic has been allowed in the above stretch from Gachibowli to Pedda Amberpet via Shamshabad for all the 4-wheelers including trucks, from 1st March 2011. It is further informed that toll is chargeable only on the Main Carriage Way. The service roads are non-tolled and will cater to mix traffic.(NSS)

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