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HMWSSB to target unauthorised water tankers

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Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board on Saturday said that its vigilance teams have been ordered curb supply of metro water through tankers not authorised by the Board.

HMWSSB Chief Vigilance Officer Col K L Rao (retired) said that his men have been instructed to divert their attention to water tankers to arrest and curb the misuse of tankers by unauthorized consumers and establishments.

The vigilance teams, in addition to checking illegal connections, and revenue collection from long outstanding defaulters, have now been given additional responsibility to check water tankers carrying Metro water to check for misuse or unauthorized use by them.

The Chief Vigilance Officer has been carrying out such checks frequently, not only in filling station but also on road.

During checks, vigilance officers found that some of the tankers plying on the road do not even posses valid fitness certificate, documents and valid driving license by some of the Drivers.

Col KL Rao stated that many such cases have been identified and penalties being imposed on errant tanker owners apart from pulling the vehicle off the road, till corrective action is taken.

He added that the RTA authorities should also carry out such checks of these tankers, frequently, as it is the Authority who has issued these certificates and they can even recommend to the Water Board for cancellation of contract Agreements if the owners or drivers do not posses valid documents.

In recent checks, Chief Vigilance Officer also caught Metro water tankers supplying bore water to few commercial establishments on their request from nearby bore well sources, which in most cases, not distinguishable from Metro water by colour or taste.

Col K L Rao said that Metro Water tankers are required to maintain certain basic standards as per the agreement to maintain quality and portability of water. He said carrying bore water in the same tankers may lead to contamination due to mixing of residual water in the tankers after unloading and ultimately, the Metro water Board will be blamed, for no fault of theirs, in the event of any contamination.

The CVO further warned tanker owners of stringent action, if caught and such tankers will be impounded. Col K L Rao also stated that it would be in the interest of the consumers to book their tankers, though Metro Customer Care against their CAN numbers at least 24 hours in advance and obtain tanker rather than directly contacting tanker owners to avoid any manipulation and to ensure receipt of safe drinking water.(INN)

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