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Holistic approach needed to tackle social maladies: Judge

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Hyderabad: The High Court judge, Mr Justice L Narasimha Reddy, has said that a broad-based and holistic approach was needed to tackle various maladies afflicting the society.

Addressing the 14th State-level Mahasabha of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties here on Saturday, Mr Justice Narasimha Reddy stressed the importance of society over an individual. He said that if a nation is stronger, then it would be beneficial to all, but at the same time if an individual or an organization was powerful, it may prove detrimental to one and all.

“Going by a popular saying, one ought to sacrifice his happiness for the sake of overall well-being of the society”, Mr Justice Reddy said, adding that though thousands of acres of farm land was being forcibly taken away from farmers, nobody was venturing to question the government’s action. Referring to the laws being enacted by legislative bodies, he said that an act can address just one issue, but not everything.

Mr Justice Reddy said that while the Western approach was based on individual-centric, the Indian approach accords priority to the whole society. Pointing to a quote from the holy Quran, he said that according to it, “a true State law empowers a weak individual to face a powerful man or entity.”

Patting the work of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Mr Justice Reddy said that along with other like-minded organizations, it has been relentlessly fighting against the violation of civil rights over the last 30 years. Stating that things have changed drastically compared to the 1980s, he advised the PUCL to multiply its strength in order to tackle the violation of human rights and several kinds of other social maladies. (NSS)

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