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Hospitals to decide on Arogyasri

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The AP Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association (APNA) will take a call regarding signing an MoU with the government on Wednesday to decide whether its hospitals will remain under the Arogyasri network or not. Meanwhile, the APNA says that the government’s decision to take over around 132 Arogyasri procedures (including the six most widely used) from the purview of private hospitals will be a win-win situation for both the government and most corporate hospitals.

The association says that the government’s revenue would increase at least by Rs 200 crore and PG medicos would also gain first-hand experience in the government set-ups and get exposure to these common procedures, which will now be exclusively conducted in government hospitals. This would also help the around 300 non-Arogyasri small (less than 50 beds) nursing homes that are on the verge of closing down in the twin cities. They would now get an inflow of patients for these common but simple surgeries.

Explaining the situation, Dr Rajender Singh Saluja, the state president-elect of APNA, said, “Of around 7,000 nursing homes and hospitals in AP, only 340 are Arogyasri-empanelled ones. Twenty five per cent of Arogyasri patients would frequent these hospitals only for procedures like hysterectomy, tonsillectomy, appendectomy, disc surgery, Caesarean, gall bladder operation and prostrate surgery. Therefore, badly-hit hospitals can now expect patients from the middle and lower-middle income group, who would prefer to go to corporate hospitals rather than government ones.” Deccan Chronicle

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