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How did you earn 3 thousand crores in 3 years: TDP questions Jagan

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Hyderabad: The TDP has questioned the YSR Congress party chief, Mr. Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy how he has earned Rs. 3,000 crores by just investing Rs. 45 crores in the Bharati Cements in three years. The party said if the business secret behind it was revealed all, the people could become wealthy soon.

In a statement here on Saturday, the party General Secretary, Mr. Varla Ramaiah posed 12 questions to Mr. Jagan and demanded answers during his party’s plenary.

If the Lotus Pond house was not Jagan’s, on whose name the benami transaction was made, he questioned. He has questioned if funds were not given by Jagan for the construction of that massive house, why the latter was inspecting the construction himself.

He has asked Mr. Jagan to state how much money was spent for the mansion constructed in Enlenka area of Bangaluru where Jagan has been living. Though Jagan has been stating that it was not his, if it was not true that his own newspaper has said he owned it. Ramaiah has said it was time for Mr. Jagan to reveal the details of the building and the expenses incurred. He said Mr. Jagan should tell the people how he has earned that money.

The other questions posed by Mr. Ramaiah are as follows: “What was the market value of the building you have acquired from Mantri Developers in Bangalore? What was the actual price you have paid? Is it not true that you have shown the value of the building as Rs. 133 crores, hiding actual facts? Is it not true that your father has indulged in misuse of power for the acquisition of the building by you? Tell the facts to the people.”

“Is it not true that Red Gold, RR Global organizations and Jagati Publications were registered at the same address? What is your share in the illegal earnings of Mr. Gali Janardhana Reddy? Inform the people about your illegal business dealings with Mr. Gali Janardhana Reddy.

“Is it not true that your father has given to you 1515 aqcres of land and 6680 lakh tones of lime stones mines to your Saraswati Industries set up with a capital of Rs. 40 crores, just one day after becoming the Chief Minister, through misuse of power. Divulge the details to the people.”

“Is it not a fact that people were talking about your property which was just Rs. 9 lakhs in 2004 has shot up to Rs. 1 lah crores during the six years your father was the Chief Minister? Is it not true that you have yourself stated your properties to be in hundreds of crores in your own affidavits? At least can you say confidently that at least this hundreds of crores of income was got through honest means?”

“Is it not a fact that your family tried to illegally annex 600 acres if assigned lands of the Dalits and when there was hue and cry about it, has legally surrendered the properties to the government? Will you surrender the benefits you have earned while the property was under your control? How can you say that this was not ill-gotten income?”

“Is it not true that the present Chief Minister has said that he had to toil for 60 days to convince the authorities that you were not behind the murder of Paritala Ravi? What is your role in that murder and the series of murders that took place later. Give details to the people.

“Who are the persons behind your getting Rs. 125 crores from Mauritius companies through the Sandoor Power Company. who are the owners of those companies. Is this not a crime under money laundering?”

“Is it not true that some companies and contractors have taken shares in Sakshi newspaper and Channel for higher value to redeem the favours they got through land assignments and contracts when your father was the Chief Minister? Can you state what way this crime is different from those committed by former union ministers Mr. Raja, Mr. Dayanidhi Maran and MP Ms. Kanimozhi? Can you divulge the clever tricks you played to escape being caught?”

“Is it not a fact your father has written a letter to the then Chief Minister in 2003, stating that he was in financial problems and requested that the house site in Banjara Hills was regularized” Is it also not true that you had taken Rs. 25 lakhs from Model Chit Funds in 2003-04 and could not pay the installments properly, but could clear the entire amount ater your father became the Chief Minister? How did yoou earn so many thousands of crores from the difficult financial state you were in, in just few years?”

Ramaiah has said that as Mr. Jagan has started a party with the avowed aim of cleansing politics should answer these questions and clarify the doubts in the minds of the people.

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