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Hyderabad based CFSL part of teams probing Mumbai blasts

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Hyderabad: Four teams of the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), two each from Hyderabad and New Delhi, are conducting investigations serial blasts which rocked the city of Mumbai on Wednesday evening.

The CFSL teams were dispatched to the terror hit city by the Union Home Ministry and they took up investigations within hours of the blasts and continued throughout the night.

The investigation is being conducted by the Maharashtra ATS and the Crime Branch, Mumbai Police, assisted by the National Investigation Agency, the post-blast investigation unit of the NSG and teams from the Central Forensic Science Laboratories.

The National Investigation Agency has three teams lead by an IG assisting the investigations. The DG, NIA is in Mumbai and is overseeing the investigations.

The Central Forensic Science Laboratory teams have visited the scene of crime and are assisting the investigators. One post-blast investigating team of NSG has also reached Mumbai late last night and has been helping in the investigation.

According to the Union Home Ministry, preliminary investigations indicate the use of IEDs with Ammonium Nitrate based explosives.

The Home Ministry said that the “IEDs used in the blasts are not crude, but indicate some level of sophistication.”

According to the Union Home Ministry, in Kabutarkhana Dadar West – the IED was reportedly placed on top of a bus shelter. This was a low intensity blast which injured 10 persons. The IED at Opera House was planted below a loose slab and concealed under garbage. There was Thela (food cart) on top.

This blast was strong and resulted in 11 dead and 73 injured. In Zaveri Bazaar the explosive was near a motorcycle concealed under an umbrella. In this blast 6 people died and 50 were injured.

Out of the 131 people admitted to various hospitals, 26 had been discharged, 82 are stable and 23 are serious.

The Union Home Ministry said that “17 people are confirmed dead. This figure may go up marginally pending confirmation. The developments are being monitored continuously.” (INN)

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