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Hyderabad eatery to open all-women haleem wing this Ramzan

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Hyderabad: For the first time this Ramzan, which begins on August 1 this year, a city-based eatery is going to have an ‘all-women’ haleem wing dishing out the lip smacking delicacy. This all-women wing, however, would be serving only the ladies, a rare business initiative in this part of Hyderabad.

Pista House, a popular eatery in Shahalibanda, which has come up with the concept this year in response to a host of requests pouring in from all corners for such a facility, is currently in the process of putting things together so that it can start the one-month service right from the beginning of the holy month.

Officials at Pista House said that this ‘all-women’ wing can accommodate 200 women at one go and will have about 10 waitresses ensuring that the Ramzan-special delicacy is enjoyed as much by the fairer sex as by men who throng haleem outlets every evening during this period.

“The family sections in the hotel have families dining but most of the times, it happens that ladies come in bunches to eat haleem when they come out for shopping. This new facility caters to such women,” says M A Majeed of Pista House adding that he is expecting a good response for this initiative. He further says that since a chunk of women in the Old City are `parda nasheen’ (veiled women), they would feel comfortable where not just their fellow diners but even the staffers are women. However, this wing would be around only for the Ramzan period.

Old City witnesses unprecedented business activity throughout the month of Ramzan with people from other parts of the state and even neighbouring Karnataka and Maharashtra coming here for Id shopping. “In fact, such facilities are required more in areas like Old City,” says Fareesa Hussain, who is excited about the concept.

With the countdown beginning for Ramzan, as there are just about 15 more days to go for the holy month, other hoteliers in the city are busy stocking up the raw materials, employing additional staffers and installing the `bhatti’ (a cauldron covered with brick and mud kiln) in front of their establishments.

The price per plate haleem, which increases by about 10% annually, would be decided in a couple of days, say hoteliers. But the excitement has already begun. Carts loaded with dates are dotting various parts of Old City and stacks of sewayin are lined up in the grocery stores reminding denizens that Ramzan is back. TOI

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