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Hyderabad is not “Jagir” of Telangana people

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Stating that the state capital Hyderabad was not the property of anybody, former minister and Telugu Desam Party senior leader Kodela Shiva Prasad on Friday described the Hyderabad as the capital of Seemandhra leaders.

Talking to media, Kodela Shiva Prasad alleged that the Telangana leaders are claiming Hyderabad as “Jagir” of Telangana people as no one developed it.

He said the state capital was developed by all people, particularly with investments from the Seemandhra region came to Hyderabad.

Condemning the attack on Chander Rao, Officer on special Duty, Andhra Pradesh Bhavan in New Delhi, he said the TRS leaders resorting to physical attacks due to frustration that Centre may not take favourable decision for Telangana state.

However, the Seemandhra leaders will not cow down to such physical attacks and press for integrated state only.

Condoling the suicide of Yadi Reddy, who ended life for the cause of separate statehood in New Delhi, he advised the students not to resort to such extreme measures.

He opined that there was no established procedure to bring dead bodies to AP Bhavan to pay homage. (INN)

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