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Hyderabad Metro Rail to get hi-tech security

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Hyderabad: The Union Home Ministry on Saturday finalised an elaborate security plan for the Hyderabad Metro Rail.

In a review meeting attended by HMR MD Mr.NVS Reddy, Jt. Commissioner of Hyderabad Police (Security) Mr.Kumar Viswajit, senior officials of Ministry of Home Affairs, Intelligence Bureau and CISF, the security arrangements for Metro Rail stations, parking & circulation areas, viaduct and track, trains, depot areas, vital installations and machinery, operations control centre (OCC), construction sites, were broadly discussed. All these sites will be elaborately covered with CCTV surveillance.

Passenger security will be mainly ensured through access control and installation of CCTVs at stations, sensors and alarms for monitoring of unmanned areas, checking and frisking of passengers at concourse gates, scanning of baggage, installation of intrusion detection systems (IDS), on-board surveillance through video recording in trains, anti-sabotage checking, etc. Bigger X-ray machines will be installed at important stations. Locked gates at platform-ends and installation of IDS will secure the viaduct and track areas by making them inaccessible to passengers and outsiders.

Metro Rail depots, OCC and other important installations will be protected through perimeter walls, watch towers, special access gates, day and night patrolling, etc. Trains will be subject to thorough anti-sabotage checking in the depots and stabling yards before the start of daily operations. Provision of security room at each station and special facilities for centralized monitoring at the central security control room are contemplated. Mr.Kumar Viswajit’s suggestion for link up of Metro Rail CCTV cameras with the police main control room has also been accepted.

To prevent fire mishaps, elaborate fire fighting arrangements and dedicated water supply for fire fighting at each station would be provided. It was also decided that along with proper antecedent verification by police, biometric passes will be issued to all the regular employees, contract labour and casual labour. Private security agencies deployed for this purpose will work under the supervision of regular police.

According to HMR MD Mr. NVS Reddy, the metro station layouts envisage proper positioning of AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) gates, baggage screening facilities, adequate space before ticket counters and gates to avoid crowding. The layout and positioning is based on international experience and the security lessons learnt by Delhi Metro. Similarly, cyber security measures would be given special emphasis with provision of IT and communication network security, security of SCADA systems, installation of dedicated data transmission networks, strict access control/password protection and firewalls, regular threat assessment and audit by both internal and external IT security professionals, he added. (INN)

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