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I’ll Discuss Only Bifurcation, Harish Tells JC

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Hyderabad: The senior TRS leader and Siddipet MLA, Mr T Harish Rao, has made it clear to the Rayalaseema senior Congress leader, Mr J C Diwakar Reddy, that he was ready to discuss ‘division’ of the State with him.

On Thursday, while Mr Harish Rao was going towards the TRSLP office, he was accosted by the Government Chief Whip, Mr Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, and Whip, Mr Kondru Murali, at the entrance of the CLP office. When Mr Bhatti asked Mr Harish Rao what’s going on, the TRS leader said that the Legislature Affairs Minister, Mr Sridhar Babu, was trying to affect a compromise with the Telangana Congress MLAs to cooperate with the government on smooth running of the House and added that he would try to prevent such a deal. Then, Mr Bhatti Vikramarka claimed that Mr Sridhar Babu’s intention was to see that the Telangana issue was known to the entire world by giving mikes to the members in the Assembly to speak about it. Mr Harish Rao curtly said that it was not possible as the Congress party would not allow the Telangana MLAs to speak on Telangana issue in the House.

Later, Mr Harish Rao entered the CLP office and encountered the Andhra senior Congress leader, Mr Gade Venkata Reddy. The latter, who was coming out of the CLP office, heard saying “Give the way to go out” to journalists and security guards, who were curiously listening to Mr Harish Rao and Mr Bhatti Vikramarka. When Mr Venkata Reddy came near Mr Harish Rao, the latter wished the former with folded hands and shook hand with him. When Mr Harish Rao said, “Sir, let’s divide while living together”, Mr Venkata Reddy left the place immediately laughing loudly.

Later, when Mr Harish Rao came cross Mr J C Diwakar Reddy and wished him, the Rayalaseema leader invited the TRS leader to his room for a discussion. Mr Harish Rao followed Mr JC making it clear that he was ready to discuss only ‘division’ of the State and nothing else.

Meanwhile, the electronic and print media personnel, who were present there, rushed inside Mr JC’s room. After a couple of seconds, Mr Harish Rao told the Congress leader that he would discuss only about State bifurcation. On hearing this, when Mr Reddy requested the media personnel to go out, Mr Harish Rao also left the room without sitting for a single minute. (NSS)

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