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Illegal guns rule the roost in city

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Hyderabad: MIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi’s attack throws the spotlight yet again on violations in firearm licences and rampant usage of illegal weapons in the city. As per official records, there are 8,572 licensed firearms in both the commissionerates of the city, however, about 500 weapons are said to be untraceable.

With regard to arms licencees, police seem to be hardly doing adequate background checks before issuing a licence. Often, people with money and political influence, like in the case of Abdullah Bin Younous Yafai, who allegedly shot at Akbaruddin Owaisi, easily acquire weapons licences. Apart from Chandrayangutta, Abdullah also has a house in Pahadesharif and got the arms licence from the Pahadesharif police.

His weapon, a .32 Smith & Wesson revolver (license No. 17864) found at the crime spot, was deposited at Tangent Point Armoury at Public Gardens on March 8 during the MLC elections. But Abdullah took it from the armoury on April 28, just two days before the attack on Akbaruddin Owaisi. The Cyberabad police said they were probing Abdullah’s case.

Resorting to crimes with licensed weapons is low. According to Task Force police, the illegal firearms rule the roost with criminals using them at will. In the last two years, Task Force police had seized 65 illegal firearms and apprehended 91 persons. In the sensational Suri murder case, an illegal firearm was used. Police suspect even in Akbaruddin assassination bid illegal weapons might have been used.

Police found a revolver containing two live rounds, two shells in the chamber and some empty cartridges at the attack spot in Barkas.

Police suspect that apart from the seized revolver, another weapon might have been used by the assailants, which is yet to be traced. One of the assailants lost his life in the counter fire opened by Malakpet MLA Ahmed Bin Abdullah Balala’s gunman, Mohd Jani.

Police attribute the shells found at the spot to either the gunman’s pistol or the second weapon used by the culprits. Meanwhile, the investigating agencies are also probing into the angle that not just three but four weapons might have been used in the incident, that is: one more person might have opened fire on the attackers other than Balala’s gunman.

While Abdullah’s weapon was found at the spot, bullets recovered from Akbaruddin’s body and shells found there have been sent to APFSL, surprisingly, there seem to be no bullets in the bodies of the three culprits, who were shot at by the MLA’s security personnel or supporters. TOI

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  1. S Khan Nri May 16, 2011

     Police have to check the complete background and health history of a person who’s applying for gun license, and make the rules before issue the license, 1. applicant  must be educated  have to be read and write in English or any other local language,2 .get the fire arms training. then they cannot misuse it…  but right now many illiterates carrying  weapons with and without license. police have to be stop the use of illegal weapons.  


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