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Indiramma Housing will be put on fast track: CM

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Hyderabad: “This is the State government’s flagship programme. It has been taken up with noble intentions. Our intention is to provide shelter to all homeless poor in the State. No where in the country such a gigantic housing programme has been taken up by any State government. However, we have to take it up more seriously and complete all the houses grounded. We have to put the scheme on a fast track. Grounding lakhs of houses are of no use unless they are completed on time, handed over to the beneficiaries and ensure their occupation”, the Chief Minister, Mr N Kiran Kumar Reddy, has stated.

The Chief Minister reviewed the progress of the Indiramma housing scheme at length and deliberated in detail each and every minute problems with officials three days ago. He agreed with the officials that the very face of Andhra Pradesh will change when all the 46.97 lakh houses are completed and provided basic amenities like drinking water, electricity and infrastructural facilities like roads, drainage and so on. Pointing out the Indiramma Housing Colony layouts in his constituency, Mr Reddy stated that this could be replicated elsewhere in the State.

The Chief Minister suggested that the scheme should be taken up in a focussed manner. A team of officials should be constituted in each Mandal or constituency and this team should constantly monitor the progress of construction and resolve impediments if any. He said a week should be dedicated as “Indiramma Housing Week” and the Ministers, MPs, MLAs and other public Representatives along with the officials concerned should concentrate on the Indiramma Housing Programmes grounded in their respective constituencies.

Unit cost to go up

It may be stated here that the Chief Minister took a magnanimous decision to enhance the unit cost of Rural Pucca Houses to Rs.45,000 and Urban Pucca Houses to Rs.55,000. He agreed with the officials that major reason for delay in completion of houses is the abnormal escalation of cost of building materials, mason, labour charges and so on. Officials informed the Chief Minster that the cost of cement, steel and other inputs have gone up substantially. He said the enhancement would be effected for the houses under Indiramma and G.O. 171. The Chief Minister asked the Finance Department to work out the financial implications of this decision to be placed before the State Cabinet on May 24.

Requirements of funds to complete the houses which are at lintel level and roof level — 5.93 lakh houses, according to Housing Department officials would be Rs 680 crores. Requirement of funds to bring the houses at Below Basement Level to Basement Level and houses at Basement Level to Lintel Level/Roof Level would be around Rs 1,180 crores and anticipated requirement for SC/ST additional loan would be around Rs 518 crores, anticipated requirement for infrastructure would be around Rs 400 crores and total anticipated expenditure during 2011-12 would be Rs 2,780 crores.

The Chief Minister also agreed to the proposal to provide Rs 20,000 additional loan to SC/ST houses shown as Roof Cast (RC) online but on ground level they are not and are at lower stages. This additional assistance would enable the SC/ST beneficiaries to complete the houses expeditiously. The Housing Department officials thanked the Chief Minister for enhancing the budget allocation for housing to Rs 2,300 crores for 2011-2012. Out of this Rs 400 would be towards loan payment and Rs 100 crores would be for managerial subsidy and the net available for schemes is Rs.1,800 crores and IAY Central share and the total would be Rs.2,647 crores.

As far as 2011-12 Action Plan is concerned, focus will be on 13.83 lakh active houses under construction from Below Basement Level to Roof Level (Indiramma-10.60 + G.O. 171 – 3.23) i.e. a total of 13.83 lakhs and out of this 5.93 lakh lintel level/roof level houses targetted to be completed this year and annual target is 5 lakhs. The aim is to bring 7.90 lakh BBL/BL houses to BL/LL/RL stages this year.

The Chief Minister directed the officials to complete the verification of the applications received during the Rachabanda programme and allot houses to them by acquiring house-sties wherever required. The number of applications received were 19,97,444 while the number of applications verified are 11,55,187 and the number of beneficiaries found eligible so far are 7,18,377 and the officials said construction of houses would be taken up at the earliest. The Chief Minister said that basic infrastructure should be provided in all layout colonies with top priority to electricity and water supply. 10,542 works are sanctioned at district level for Rs.306.24 crores and 6581 works completed. The Chief Minister asked the officials to complete the balance works by June, 2011.

The Chief Minister also wanted Integrated Infrastructure Development Plan to develop new lay-out colonies on par with the main village duly providing all facilities. Total number of layouts to be covered are 4488 and total amount required are Rs.1692.47 crores towards water supply, electricity, roads and drains, levelling, individual latrines etc. The cost towards water supply and electricity is proposed to be met from the funds available with A.P. State Housing Corporation. As far as flood housing is concerned, 5237 houses completed, District Collectors of Kurnool and Mehboobnagar are to issue allotments and ensure occupation. Basic infrastructure required for construction of houses like water & electricity are provided from funds available under

Officials informed the Chief Minister that remedial steps taken to prevent irregularities include instructions to Collectors to recover misappropriated amount by invoking RR Act or filing criminal cases. From December 2009 onwards payments through village organisations has been dispensed and payments are being made directly into bank account of beneficiaries, and DEEs are made responsible for release of payments and State Level Special Monitoring Unit was established and a toll free number 1100 was made available for registration of complaints. (NSS)

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