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Is Telangana movement on the wane?

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With the Centre deleting the controversial Clause 14F of the Presidential Order and rival Telangana parties and groups playing the waiting game with regard to their next move, a lull has set in as far as the separate state agitation is concerned. Perhaps, it will stay that way till the 2014 elections, averred sources in the Telangana Congress and the TDP Telangana Forum.

To begin with, the Centre’s decisive move in deleting clause 14 F at a time when the Telangana Congress, the TDP and the TRS were dithering as to what their next move should be in the resignation drama has effectively brought the Telangana movement to a halt.

“Political one-upmanship between the Congress, TDP and the TRS as to who should make the next move in the resignation drama has derailed the movement. The Telangana Congress leaders have given up the idea of submitting their resignations afresh and preferring the path of holding talks with the party high command. The TDP Telangana Forum has dared the Congress leaders to set a date for resubmission of their resignations to the Speaker with their rider that they would follow suit. In the meantime, the TRS has realized that its numbers are not enough to bring about a constitutional crisis,” said a leader following the course of events carefully.

The Telangana ministers too are on the verge of resuming their duties and have already reversed their decision of boycotting the Independence Day celebrations. “For us ministers, the deletion of clause 14F was the only demand. Once the Centre rendered that irrelevant by deleting the clause, they are all at sea now,” confessed one minister.

According to sources, the Telangana employees are of the view that they are the ones who would face direct action from the state in case they resort to a strike. “The state can invoke Esma against permanent staff and also terminate the contract of temporary employees in case of a strike. Why should we take the flak when the political leadership is taking back seat,” said one employee union leader. The employees are also said to be upset with the Telangana political leaders for retreating from the resignation drama.

In such a scenario, the students’ movement has also turned rudderless and fallen silent. A few political leaders have begun hinting that it would be better to wait for the 2014 polls before reviving the Telangana agitation, claimed Congress sources and hinted that the churning going on in the leadership of the region is to work out a strategy for the next polls rather than revive the movement.

In the end, the celebratory mood generated by the repeal of 14 F clause is going to be the cover-up for the change in the situation on ground. According to the sources, some T-Congress MPs have reportedly entered into a “gentleman’s agreement” with their leadership in Delhi. As per the agreement, the MPs will not press for the acceptance of their resignations and in return, the high command will ensure that the matter is not disposed of by Speaker Meira Kumar. Thus, it is curtains for the current round of Telangana agitation, said a Congress leader. TOI

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