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Jaipal Reddy a rank opportunist and Telangana traitor: Nallu

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Hyderabad: Describing the Union Minister for Petroleum, Mr S Jaipal Reddy, as a rank opportunist and wicked politician, the senior BJP leader, Mr Nallu Indrasena Reddy, has said the former has no moral right to talk about nationalism. He also said that Mr Jaipal Reddy, who claims to be a son of the soil, has no right even to talk about the region as he turned out a traitor of Telangana.

Speaking to mediapersons here on Monday, Mr Indrasena Reddy said that when Telangana agitation started in 1969 Mr Jaipal Reddy joined hands with anti-Telangana Muslims in the name of “Telangana Safeguard” and stood by then Kasu Brahmananda Reddi government and sabotaged the movement.

Questioning whether Mr Jaipal Reddy ever spoke in favour of Telangana during his 45-year long political career, the BJP leader alleged that the Union minister was speaking at the behest of the Centre. He said that if Mr Jaipal Reddy’s remarks are taken into consideration, it became very clear that the UPA government was not willing to carve out separate Telangana State.

Pointing out that Mr Jaipal Reddy was preaching sermons on nationalism, the BJP leader reminded that it was the Congress party that caused division of the country. The ruling party lacks nationalism and patriotism, he added.

Referring to the claim of Congress leaders that there was no BJP influence in those five States which went to polls recently, Mr Indrasena Reddy recalled that the BJP swept the entire North India in 1977 general elections leaving not a single Lok Sabha seat to the Congress. He also asked whether the Congress leaders have forgotten that it (BJP) was ruling nine States in the country at present.

“The man who had contested against late Indira Gandhi as a Janata Party candidate and dubbed the Congress as a family party then was now shamelessly defending the Congress and describing it as a national party wedded to nationalism and patriotism. He became a minister in the then V P Singh government at the Centre with support of the BJP,” Mr Indrasena Reddy said, adding that “opportunism” was his (Jaipal Reddy) political ideology and enjoying power was his motto.

Describing Mr Jaipal Reddy as utterly incompetent, Mr Indrasena Reddy said that the Telangana issue was becoming complex due to the incompetence of such opportunistic leaders.

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