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“Jamaa” dairy culture launched

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Hyderabad: ‘Jamaa’, a dairy culture (lactic acid bacteria) was launched in Andhra Pradesh market. It facilitates the making of high quality dahi. One pack of ‘Jamaa’ can ferment 20 litres of milk into dahi. It is natural and vegetarian. Dahi made from “Jamaa” has good shelf life under refrigeration and less post-acidification (sourness).

The texture of dahi is firm and has clean flavour and taste. The product strictly adheres to the IDF (International Dairy Federation) standard and approved by all the necessary government bodies, says Tansukh Jain, MD of CHR Hansen, in a press note.

CHR Hansen India is a100% subsidiary of Chr. Hansen A/S, Denmark. It has long history and a strong market position within bacteria cultures and enzymes for dairy. Micro-dairies and households produce approx. 85-90% of the Dahi consumed in India.

Traditionally in India, Dahi holds cultural symbolism in many Indian homes and is a part of the traditional Indian meal. However, the micro dairy segment has been unaware about the latest technology and process to upgrade their dahi production and quality. For details, contact Mr. Ch. Maruti, Area Sales Manager, 9640554128 fo Email: inmds@chr-hansen.com or visit website www.chr-hansen.com

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