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Jayaprakash Narayan stress on imparting skills to youth

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Hyderabad: Lok Satta Party president Jayaprakash Narayan on Monday demanded that the government, industry and NGOs to address the problem of growing unemployment on the one hand and the scarcity of skilled personnel on the other.

The country has to provide livelihood opportunities to 1.5 crore to 2 crore youth every year.

Talking to media at a career expo organized by the Student Islamic Organization of India, he said that about 60 lakh of youth in Andhra Pradesh would have to be provided employment avenues in the next five years.

Dr Narayan wanted the Government and voluntary organizations to impart training and skills to the youth so that they could meet the industry’s growing demand for skilled personnel.

He recalled that Lok Satta activists in Kukatpally constituency, which he represents in the Assembly, had enabled 1500 youth to find employment opportunities in the last six months by organizing training and providing counselling.

He congratulated SIO on its initiative to guide the minority youth on livelihood skills and employment avenues, and said the Government has to extend its support to such organizations.(INN)

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