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Jeevan Reddy wants Congress MPs to resign

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Hyderabad: Congress party senior leader Mr. T Jeevan Reddy has said that there was no need to Congress MPs to sacrifice their lives to achieve separate Telangana State and resigning to their posts was enough to achieve it. He has demanded the MPs to resign to their posts immediately for the cause of Telangana.

Speaking at Assembly media point here on Monday along with the party MLC Mr. K Yadava Reddy, Mr Jeevan Reddy has alleged that the Centre and State governments were conspiring to bring the 14(F) issue to the fore, to side track the Telangana movement. He said that it was sad that there was no development though the State Assembly passed a resolution on the Telangana issue an year-and-half ago.

He said the Congress leaders would decide their future course of action on July 1 in a meeting to be held at the Exhibition Grounds. He said that the vital decision would be there on resignations on the same day.

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