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JP laments embracing politics: Slams both Cong, TDP

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Hyderabad: The Lok Satta Party president and Kukatpalli MLA, Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, on Friday said that he plunged into politics with zeal to strive for welfare of the people, but it has become an impossible task under the present circumstances.

Speaking at the Assembly media point, Dr Narayan felt that the people in the State have faced the danger of very bleak future as today’s politicians were vying with other in corrupt practices, scams and nepotism. The former IAS officer has demanded that the ruling party and the main Opposition party to stop trading charges against each other and reveal the details of land allotments.

Stating that it was ridiculous for the ruling and Opposition parties to trade charges of corrupt deals against each other, Dr Narayan said that both were equals in resorting to corrupt practices, scams and irregularities. He said that as an MLA, he was answerable to the people of his constituency and not to the government.

Asked about his views on the controversial Eighth Chapter of Justice B N Srikrishna Committee on separate Telangana issue, the Lok Satta founder-president said that he did not know about it. However, he said that he would react only after studying the committee report in detail. (NSS)

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