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JVV warns of ill effects of cool drinks

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Hyderabad: The State Jana Vignana Vedika has said that keeping in view the hot summer season, many soft drink companies are trying to entice the people by misrepresentation that they would keep healthy on consumption of cool drinks.

Speaking to the media here on Sunday, the State president, Mr Muvva Rama Rao said that scientific studies and the Joint Parliamentary Committee report have confirmed that soft drinks like Pepsi, Thumps Up, Coca Cola and Maaza contain remnants of pesticides and acids, which are being used to cleanse lavatories, colours and water. “The excessive consumption of soft drinks would cause many health hazardous like the softening of bones among children, digestive problems and decay of enamel on the tooth”, he said and added that despite all this, the corporate companies were trying to woo the people by resorting to wrong publicity. He also alleged that unlike in Western countries, the companies here do not mention the contents of substances on their stickers.

Hence, Mr Rama Rao urged the people not to waste money and compromise their health by consuming such hazardous soft drinks. Instead

they can take lussy, fruit juices, coconut water as they contain vast nutritive contents. Stating that beverages like Horlicks, Bournvita and Boost are also not good for health, he said that the Vedika would propagate their hazardous effects on health.

Speaking on the Telangana issue, Mr Rama Rao said that the people from all sections in the region were subjected to intense mental tension as the awareness level about the issue has reached to the bottom level. Stating that the state of calm and tranquility has prevailed in the region now, he said that the Centre was bound to take an appropriate decision over the issue before the situation slips out of control.

Referring to the Fukushima Daiichi mishap in Japan, Mr Rama Rao said that it has proved that the nuclear energy was not safe altogether. He also said that in the aftermath of this incident, China has decided not to give accord to the establishment of any new nuclear plants in the country. The radiation from Japan has been transmitted to the USA and Russia through winds. “Taking note of it, the government should give up the idea of installing nuclear plants at Kovvada, Nizampatnam and Kadapa, and give up the proposed Uranium mining at Nalgonda”, he noted.

The general secretary, Mr Mohd Miyya, convenor, Prof. V Krishna and treasurer, Mr Suresh Babu, were also present. (NSS)

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