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Kancha Ilaiah Condemns Kodanda, KCR, Harish, KTR

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Prof. Kanche Ilaiah has condemned the Telangana Political JAC Chairman Prof. Kodandaram’s criticism against the Major Industries Minister Dr J Geetha Reddy, and appealed to the people not to participate in any movement headed by Kodandaram or TRS leader K Chandrashekar Rao, T Harish Rao and K Tarakarama Rao.

In a press note here on Monday, Ilaiah said that ever since this round of Telangana movement started, not only Kodandaram but KCR, Harish Rao even KTR were issuing very feudal statements and attacking Dalit, OBC and Tribal community leaders. Some time back Harish Rao attacked a Dalit employee at AP Bhavan New Delhi. During the movement several SC/BC MPs and MLAs were attacked as if they were responsible for Telangana not being carved out as a separate State. Earlier KCR himself abused some as ‘Chakalodu-Mangalodu’ and he has been using foul language against some body or the other. They all were justifying this as Telangana language or as Telangana slang.

Ilaiah said that he was a Telanganite and alleged that the language, arrogance and atrocious behavior is not that of the masses of the region, but only of Telangana Reddy and Velama Doras. In this whole movement, BC/SC/STs are the main participants. They suffered huge human and financial losses. The Reddy and Velamas are heading the party and the Movement and exhibiting their feudal arrogance even before the Statehood is achieved. Once the Statehood achieved under their leadership, they will bring back their old feudal atrocities that caused an armed struggle by the masses.

He said that those who were working around Kodandaram, KCR and others are likely to become Bhasmasuras of modern times. No doubt there was strong sentiment for the statehood among the masses. But if the state was achieved under such feudal leadership, these limited institutions that came into existence will be destroyed by them. KCR, Harish Rao and Kodandaram’s behavior is enough indication for the kind of Telangana that they want to build.

He urged the masses to wait for some time till a matured and democratic leadership from among the OBC/SC/STs emerges from this region. The people have waited for long and there is nothing wrong if they waited for some more time till these feudal forces are set aside in all the fields of life. He said that such a time is not too far but wait till then. (NSS)

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