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Kavuri Dares T-Leaders To Resign For Telangana

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Hyderabad: Expressing pain over the Telangana lawyers laying a siege to his residence, the Eluru MP, Mr Kavuri Sambasiva Rao, has lashed out at the former saying that the Telangana leaders have no guts and willingness to sacrifice their posts for the sake of Telangana.

He also warned that separate Telangana State would not be formed by threatening the Seemandhra leaders and advised the Lawyers to accost the public representatives of the region on Telangana issue and not others. The Telangana leaders cannot stay without their positions even for an hour, he added.

Speaking to the media at his residence here on Wednesday evening, Mr Kavuri found fault with the Lawyers for storming his residence and asked them whether it was correct for them, who are aware of the Constitution. He also said that the Telangana leaders were deceiving the Telangana people by naming four wealthy Seemandhra leaders like Mr Lagadapati Rajagopal or Mr Kavuri Sambasiva Rao every day.

The Telangana leaders were taking the lives of the innocent Telangana people by staying safe themselves.
Mr Kavuri said that the Telangana leaders were not ready to resign from their posts but shouting from roof tops on the issue. He claimed that the Telangana leaders have differences among themselves on the issue.

“I am not afraid of expressing my people’s wish and am against those who were expressing the Telangana people’s wish”. It was not correct to the Telangana leaders to threaten the leaders of other regions, he said. He said that as the Telangana leaders were not sincere, they were not submitting their resignations for the sake of separate Telangana State. He observed that as the people of Telangana were innocent, they were listening to their leaders whatever they say. He advised the Telangana people to pull up their leaders for Telangana State and not others.

The Eluru MP made it clear that he did not earn a rupee in the Telangana region and all the money he had earned was from other States and other countries. He said that the Seemandhra leaders were not earning money by pickpocketing here. Questioning whether an Indian citizen needed permission to live in Hyderabad, he asked whether it was a democratic country or Hyderabad was under the rule of a king. He also asked the Telangana leaders whether they would leave Hyderabad if Muslims threatened them to leave as they ruled Hyderabad for four centuries.

Stating that he would stick to the sixth option of the Justice Srikrishna Committee report, he said that all political parties welcomed the Justice Srikrishna Committee at the time of its constitution. He said that creation of a separate State was in the hands of Centre and hence one has to influence the Centre but not threaten the people of other regions who were living in the Telangana region. (NSS)

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