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KCR’s visit to Cong hunger fast camp part of larger strategy?

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Hyderabad: Was there more to the visit of Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao’s to the hunger fast camp of Congress Legislators at Indira Park on Thursday, that meets the eye?

Armed with a Congress badge and patta (band), KCR left the Congress Legislators, already under pressure from three sides, party colleagues from Seemandhra regions, the party High Command and the main opposition Telugu Desam Party, squirming in their seats as he lambasted their party colleagues left right and centre, right under their very noses.

Considered an orator by many, KCR managed to get away with his words, since many of the comments he had made against the Congress leadership had been already uttered by the Legislators sitting on the dais.

According to sources, there was much more to KCR’s visit to the hunger camp than just an expression of solidarity.

Informed sources say that Thursday’s visit was the beginning of the TRS chief’s attempts to woo the Congress Legislators to his side, through his speaking prowess.

During his speech, KCR had slammed Congress In-Charge of Andhra Pradesh Affairs Ghulam Nabi Azad, along with other leaders, alleging that they were responsible for hurting the chances of formation of state.

More importantly, he had tried to take the credit for the separate Telangana agitation.

“The Telangana agitation began with KCR and now it became a massive movement like an ocean,” he had said.

Analysts see this statement as an attempt by KCR to take credit for the agitation and also point out to whoever willing to listen that the formation of Telangana would only be possible with him.

Though KCR studiously avoided mentioning the Telugu Desam Telangana Forum members’ Bus Yatra during his speech, it is a known fact that the Forum leaders are in embarrassing situation due to their colleagues from Seemandhra regions starting their own agitation for an integrated Andhra Pradesh.

The TRS leader is believed to be keen to use this as a weapon and target the Telangana Forum members.

With Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu adopting an ambivalent attitude and TRS targeting the party, the Forum members are in piquant situation, even after submitting their resignations from their elected posts.

By lashing out at the Congress and trying to woo its Legislators, KCR’s strategy to project himself as the sole leader from the region and take all the credit for the formation of Telangana has begun to be implemented.(INN)

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