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KCR appeals to Cong men to quit posts for Telangana

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Hyderabad: The ‘Vanta Varpu’ programme directing the Telangana protagonists to bring their stoves and utensils on to roads and cook and eat there to pressurize the Centre was fairly successful. Politicians, government employees, doctors, lawyers, IT professionals and students came together on Hyderabad roads on Sunday to demand a separate Telangana State.

Addressing the gathering at the Basava Tarakam Memorial Cancer Hospital where he participated in the programme, the TRS Chief, Mr. K Chandrasekhara Rao, has said there was no use in Congress MLAs and MPs doing the rounds to New Delhi and begging the Central leaders to concede Telangana. He said that if they resign to their posts, the Centre would come down on bended knees and concede Telangana here itself. Assuring them that he would ensure their re-election, Mr KCR has said they would be fielded as JAC candidates in the elections and would romp back with lakhs of votes of majority.

The TRS supremo dismissed the contention of the United Andhra theory of Congress MP, Mr Lagadapati Rajagopal as false. He demanded that the Centre should at least now respond positively and announce Telangana State. He has warned that a situation resembling the one that prevailed during the 1969 agitation might recur if the Congress government did not respond now. He also questioned who had the right to deny Telangana when 4.5 crores of people of the region were demanding it unanimously. He said that though they were all trying to run the agitation peacefully, the patience of the people was wearing out.

Stating that he would talk to the Congress leaders also, Mr KCR has called for a unified fight, cutting across party lines and ideologies. He said that Telangana would be possible only through sacrifices and not pairavies. He warned the Centre that it would alone be responsible if unnatural situation recurred in future. He said that he would talk to all concerned and chalk out a future course of action. He reminded that even Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, had stated that the two regions could separate whenever they wanted.

The MP said the Congress would be committing a suicide in Telangana if it refuses to carve out a separate State. The TRS leader also warned the Union government that if it further delayed the formation of a Telangana state, the movement could take a violent turn like the 1969 movement. Mr Rao, who participated with his wife and daughter Kavita in the programme, also turned into a chef and cooked food for a while. He ate on the street along with his family members.

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