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KCR decides to snap ties with Telangana-JAC

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Hyderabad: Just days before the third phase of agitation for a separate state, the Telangana movement suffered a setback with TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday deciding to snap all ties with the Telangana Political JAC headed by M Kodandaram and continue the T-struggle on his own.

TRS sources said KCR was upset with Kodandaram’s move to rally all the T forces, including TDP’s Nagam Janardhan Reddy under one umbrella. Differences between KCR and Kodandaram have risen time and again. According to JAC sources, Kodandaram was upset with the manner in which KCR dominated the steering committee meetings in which leaders from the TRS and JAC have been taking part.

However, it was T-JAC that struck first by staying away from the rasta roko held by the TRS on May 14 and the protests outside mandal headquarters on May 19. On Monday, Kodandaram decided to cancel the meeting that was scheduled to be held between the Telangana Students’ JAC and the TRS. “That was the last straw. KCR has now decided to part ways with the Telangana Political JAC,” the TRS sources added.

“KCR has made up his mind that he will not seek the support of JAC in future after the committee leaders, including Kodandaram, did not respond positively to his request to mobilise students for Monday’s meeting,” sources said. The TRS had earlier announced that it would organise a big meeting by mobilising 20,000 students involving all student JACs and organisations in the city.

The ties between KCR and Kodandaram deteriorated after the JAC, despite the TRS chief’s disapproval, took part in the meetings organised by Nagam in Mahbubnagar in the second week of May. “Till T-JAC comes out with a clear stand on its support to TRS and Nagam’s agitation, KCR will not meet the JAC leaders,” a TRS leader said.

When contacted, Kodandaram refused to comment on KCR’s decision. “The JAC is closely watching the developments taking place in the TDP and ruling Congress with reference to Nagam and endowments minister J Krishna Rao. In the present situation, the JAC has the responsibility to unite all the T forces for the next phase of movement,” he said. Telangana Political JAC spokesperson C Vittal put the blame on KCR stating that the TRS has taken up its agitational programmes without consulting the JAC. TOI

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