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KCR is blood-thirsty: Motkupalli

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TDP senior leader and MLA Motkupalli Narasimhulu has alleged that the TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao was blood thirsty and deserved to be dragged to court. He has appealed to the families of martyrs of Telangana to drag him to courts of law.

Narasimhulu charged KCR of making crores of rupees in the guise of the martyrs. He said that KCR was in such a financial distress in 2001 that he tried to sell off his house and questioned how he could amass Rs 50,000 crores by now. He demanded that the properties of KCR should be distributed to the families of the martyrs. He would go to court on the issue, he added. Motkupalli has sworn to put an end to the feudal style of KCR.

Stating that the TDP was helping the families of martyrs, Narasimhulu has questioned if KCR had ever visited even a single family of the martyrs. He has alleged that KCR was stating that Telangana movement would be intensified after Sankranti and in February, only with a view on by-elections. KCR was interested only in votes, seats and notes, Narasimhulu has commented. He said KCR got intoxicated with the blood of students and was resting in his farm house. He said that he would not go to sleep until he sent the TRS chief to jail.Agencies

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