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Keshav Rao challenges CNN-IBN report on Telangana issue

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Hyderabad: The Telangana Congress Steering Committee Chairman and Rajya Sabha MP Dr K Keshav Rao has thrown a challenge to the CNN-IBN, a national English news Channel which conducted a survey on Telangana issue, that he will give up the Telangana agitation if anybody gets their deposit from any constituency where the MLAs have resigned in Telangana region, contesting on the plank of integrated Andhra.

The CNN-IBN news Channel has announced its survey conducted in Telangana region stating that the pro-Telanganaites were only 50 percent of the population.

Speaking to the media at his residence here on Sunday, Dr Keshav Rao said that he was ready to obey the conditions on his challenge. He asked the Channel and its Survey sponsors to choose any constituency out of the 103 constituencies in Telangana region (103 MLAs tendered their resignations for the sake of Telangana) and if they got 6 percent of votes, he was ready to quit the Telangana agitation. He said that 100 percent of the Telangana people were demanding separate State. He said that he was speaking on behalf of not only Telangana Congress MLAs but also on behalf of TDP, TRS and all party MLAs who have tendered their resignations for the sake of Telangana. He said he has no objection even if the CNN-IBN News Channel opts the TDP or TRS or any party MLA’s constituency and contest on the plank of united Andhra slogan and win deposit. He said, “I am ready to give up the Telangana agitation if the candidate, who contests on slogan of United Andhra plank in Telangana region, gets his deposit”.

He advised the channel to ask anybody in Telangana region or even the Chief Minister or who were opposing Telangana, and they will certainly tell about the Telangana people and their demand clearly. He said that the Survey was faltered.

Alleging that the Seemandhra leaders report, submitted to the State Congress Party Affairs in charge Mr Gulam Nabi Azad, was a bunch of white lies, he said that 23 points of the report were not correct. He said that he was collecting the supporting information and will release it to the media tomorrow. Finding fault with the Seemandhra leaders report, he said that for example the Hyderabad population was about 64 lakhs, but the Seemandhra leaders shown it in their report differently.

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