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Kiran Facing Threat From Own District; Govt Survival Doubtful

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The Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy appears to be facing threat from Congress leaders of his own Chittoor district. His opponent and Punganur MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy who has tried to dislodge Kiran earlier, has once again raised his voice after MIM withdrew support to the government. He has given an ultimatum that he would resort to serious protest, if the Congress high command does not change the Chief Minister by November 30.

It is being said that Kiran Kumar Reddy has failed to satisfy the party MLAs of his own district and this might cost him his post. After MIM withdrew support, the strength of the Congress was reduced to 153, as against the 148 required for the government’s survival. But even this 153 figure might not be with the Chief Minister if a trial of strength was ordered, say sources. Chintalapudi MLA Rajesh, Eluru MLA Alla Nani and Bobbili MLA Sujaya Krishna Ranga Rao have already resigned to their Assembly memberships after joining the YSR Congress. Though the Speaker Nadendla Manohar has not yet accepted their resignations, if there was a trust motion against the government, these three would surely vote against the government.

Several Congress MLAs have sensed that the YSR Congress of Y S Jaganmohan Reddy was becoming stronger by the day and were actually in serious thinking about their own future. Several have been communicating with the party for an assurance of tickets for their constituencies in the 2014 elections. If they get such an assurance from Jagan, several Congress MLAs are likely to hop into his party. These fence sitters might not vote for Kiran Kumar Reddy in the event of a no-confidence motion in the Assembly. Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy has been telling his associates that if there was a no-trust motion, he would vote against Kiran. Political observers say that support of Kutuhalamma (Gangadhara Nellore), CK Babu (Chittoor), Shahjahan Badsha (Madanapalli) andRavi(Putalapattu) could not be banked upon, by the Chief Minister. Apart from these MLAs, the loyalty of Shilpa Mohan Reddy (Nandyala –Kurnooldistrict) also was doubtful, say observers. He may choose to follow Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, these observers point out.

Though minister D L Ravindra Reddy and former minister Sankar Rao are open critics of the Chief Minister, the two may abide by the decision of the high command. Secunderabad MLA Jaya Sudha went into the YSR Congress and came back. She also is said to be in rethinking. Kutbullapur independent MLA Koona Srisailam Goud could take a decision of his choice, depending on the circumstances. Former minister Komatireddy Venkata Reddy has been unhappy with the Chief Minister. Congress MP Palvai Govardhan Reddy has been repeatedly alleging that he was preparing to go into the YSR Congress. R Damodar Reddy of the same district (Suryapet) has also been unhappy with the Chief Minister.

Political observers also doubt if Ugra Narasimha Reddy (Kanigiri), Katasani Rambhupal Reddy (Panyam) and Katasani Ram Reddy (Banaganapalli) would support Kiran. Apart from these, Rega Kanta Rao (Pinapaka), Kunja Satyavati (Bhadrachalam), Korla Bharati (Tekkali) and Jayamani (Parvatipuram) also cannot be said to be loyal to the Chief Minister, say sources. Dwarampudi Chandrasekhara Reddy (Kakinada– Urban) would surely stand by Jagan. He has already announced his decision to side with him. With so many doubtful MLAs, Kiran might have difficulty in winning a vote of confidence, if such an exigency arises. (NSS)

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