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Kiran-Naidu Spar At Each Other

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Hyderabad: The Chief Minister, Mr K Kiran Kumar Reddy and the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Nara Chandrababau Naidu were engaged in hurling satires at each other in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday.

The interesting argument has taken place between the duo during a discussion on the statement made by IT Minister Mr Ponnala Laxmaiah on power supply situation in the State.

Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy felt that the issue of power was a key factor that brought the Congress into power in 2004 elections. Why the TDP was sitting in opposition if Mr Naidu Government did everything good, he questioned. When he was Chief Minister, Mr Naidu frequently told that he would be in power for the next 20 years, but what had happened. The voters have not believed ‘all free promises’ made by Mr Naidu including free power, money transfer etc and confined him to opposition position, he added.

Sharply reacting to it, Mr Chandrababu Naidu said that Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy got the opportunity of Chief Minister post due to the kindness of Mrs Sonia Gandhi but not with the blessings of people of the State. Mr Reddy would lose his post whenever Mrs Sonia Gandhi decides to remove him, he added.

“I had no comparison and competition with Kiran Kumar Reddy. I became Chief Minister with the support of people, unlike Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy who got the post with the blessings of party high command. The TDP high command was in the state not in New Delhi like the Congress”, he maintained.

Responding to the comments, Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy made clear that he has become the Chief Minister with the blessings of the Congress party and the AICC President Mrs Sonia Gandhi.“As a party soldier, I got the opportunity. I am not a political migrant like Mr Naidu and would never change the party in future. I will step down from the post at any movement whenever Mr Sonia Gandhi decides. I did not come to power by back stabbing anyone like Mr Naidu”, he said.

Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy alleged that Mr Naidu has cheated the Congress which gave political entry to him, and also late N T Rama Rao, who gave political life to him. (NSS)

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