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Kiran promises the moon to elated Old City Congress workers

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Hyderabad: Facing constant criticism from party leaders and workers alike for his ‘arrogant’ style of functioning, Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy on Sunday sought to endear himself to the Congress cadre by mingling with them and promising them that they would soon see their prayers that they be allotted some recognition in the party being answered.

Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy, on a ‘public relations’ spree, promised the party workers in the Old City that they would be given recognition and posts in the party, besides all the benefits of the party being in power.

The Chief Minister’s public relations exercise, had begun first with his ‘talk’ to his Cabinet colleagues about projecting a semblance of unity, and then followed by his calling on former chief minister K Rosaiah on Friday.

He braved humid conditions, amplified by the presence the four Air Coolers which contributed to the moisture levels in the confines of VDP High School, opposite the Sudha Talkies at Lal Darwaza in the Old City, to promise the Congress cadre that he is there for them.

Though the Chief Minister spoke for about three minutes, sweating profusely due to the humidity, and just expressed his pleasure at interacting with the party workers and promised more such sessions, the lengthy speeches by the local leaders drew the attention of the media.

These workers said that their three decade old wait for any prominent Congress leader to come and talk to them, mingle with them and look into their problems was finally answered.

The party leaders said though they had worked loyally for the party, some even for about five or six decades, the party has neglected them.

“We have been shunned as if the Old City is like the black sheep in the family and it is better avoided. Our relentless work to keep the Congress party in the people’s minds and hearts has been unrecognised so far. This is the first time in decades that a Chief Minister is mingling with us,” said senior leader Yousuf Hashmi.

Mr Hashmi added that this was the first time when the Congress workers were interacting with the Chief Minister in the Old City.

“Many Chief Ministers had toured the Old City earlier, but none stopped to interact with the party workers. It is a day of joy and celebrations for us,” said another leader V Mudiraj.(INN)

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