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KK Attacked at Tank Bund: Yashki says all Telangana MPs ready to quit

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Hyderabad: The Nizamabad MP, Mr Madhu Yashki Goud, has made it clear that not only he, but also all the Telangana Congress MPs were ready to submit their resignations for the sake of Telangana if the non-political leaders, particularly the TJAC convener, Prof. M Kodandaram and Telangana Praja Front president, Mr Gaddar, set a date. He also said that the Telangana will not be possible if there were fights among the Telangana leaders.

Mr Yashki, who was attacked and chased by Telangana agitators demanding his resignation when he went to Tank Bund in support of the Million March, said that he entered politics without selfish motives and was ready to submit his resignation at any moment. Stating that he did not bother about the attack on him, he said that the incident had occurred because of lack of leadership and lack of unity among the Telangana leaders.

The agitators also attacked another Telangana Congress senior leader, Dr K Keshav Rao, who visited Tank Bund to extend support to the Million March. The irate agitators hurled footwear and water bottles at him and damaged and chased away his vehicle till it disappeared. The agitators also manhandled him.

The former CWC leader reached the Tank Bund sitting atop his car and waving to the agitators. But the agitators treated him very shabbily. The police took Dr Keshav Rao at Basheerbagh crossroads when he was coming from Tank Bund. (NSS)

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