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KK resents PC’s statement in Lok Sabha on Telangana

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Hyderabad: Taking the Union Home Minister, Mr P Chidambaram, to task for misleading the Lok Sabha with his statement on Friday during the BJP’s Call Attention Motion, the Rajya Sabha MP and Telangana senior Congress leader, Dr K Keshava Rao, has said that it was most unfortunate that Mr Chidambaram sidelined the important issues in his statement. He said it was wrong on the part of Mr Chidambaram to say that the Congress party has yet to reveal its stand on Telangana issue. Finding fault with Mr Chidambaram for saying that the Centre could not do anything if the State did not come forward with consensus on the Telangana issue.

Speaking to the media at his residence here on Saturday after three-hour long discussions on Friday’s Call Attention Motion moved by the BJP on Telangana issue, Dr Keshava Rao said Mr Chidambaram had spoken all non-sense on Telangana issue to mislead the House.

Recalling the mention of Telangana issue in UPA’s Common Minimum Programme and in Presidential address approved by the Union Cabinet, Dr Keshava Rao said Mr Chidambaram was Union Finance Minister at that time and he too had signed it. He also recalled that the Congress Working Committee had discussed the Telangana issue and taken a decision to create a separate Telangana when the political parties reached consensus. He said all the political parties in the State had revealed their stand on Telangana on December 7, 2009 and Mr Chidambaram made an announcement on the process of creation of separate Telangana State on December 9, 2009.

Stating that Mr Chidambaram should not forget all theses developments, Dr Keshava Rao said that according to the country’s Constitution, there was no need of consensus to create a separate State. He said separate Andhra State was created even as a resolution on separate Andhra was defeated in the then Madras Assembly. At that time, Dr B R Ambedkar had observed in Parliament that majority opinion was needed in a territory demanding a separate State, but not in the region where the people were opposing a separate State. He said that he was ready for an open debate on any issue regarding Telangana and Constitutional issues.

Describing the Eluru MP, Mr Kavuri Sambasiva Rao’s doubt expressed in Parliament on Friday on the signature of Mandadi Yadi Reddy on his suicide note as inhuman and heinous act, Dr Keshava Rao said that it was most unfortunate that Mr Chidambaram too supported the contention of Mr Sambasiva Rao on the suicide of Yadi Reddy.

Dr Keshava Rao said that he would attend the Rajya Sabha during Short Discussion Motion on Telangana given by the CPI MP, Mr Azeez Pasha, on Friday with permission of the Telangana Congress Steering Committee. He said that the Telangana MPs did not attend Parliament on Friday during the Call Attention Motion because it was not a discussion but only a Call Attention Motion. There was no use in attending the House, he said, adding that the Speaker did not give a chance to the members of Telangana even as they attended. She had given a chance to Mr Kavuri Sambasiva Rao to speak as it was a prerogative of the Speaker, he added.

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