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KKR urged to resume prime govt lands given at throwaway prices

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Hyderabad: The president of the State Economically Backward Class Community, Mr Vallapureddy Ravinder Reddy, has urged the Chief Minister, Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy, to institute an inquiry by a Supreme Court judge into the allotment of government lands by the State government to various associations for various purposes like the SEZs, mining and establishing industries.

Mr Reddy said that successive governments in the State had given away prime government lands worth thousands of crores rupees to various associations for a meagre amounts. “Associations that got these government lands have misused them by not putting them for any useful purposes. Some of associations have not established any industries on those lands, while some other associations that established industries closed down them and sold them at exorbitant rates, though they got it for a meagre amounts”, he stated.

Stating that such government lands in thousands of acres would come to light if the State government ordered an inquiry, Mr Reddy demanded that the State government take back such lands. (NSS)

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