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Kuchipudi dance fete in ravindra bharathi tomorrow

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Hyderabad: On the eve of its 30th anniversary, the Abhinaya Darpana Arts Academy, an institution of Kuchipudi and Temple Ritual dances, will be presenting a unique Kuchipudi dance programme “Kuchipudi Aaalaya Naatya Sammelanam” at Ravindra Bharathi, here at 6.30 pm on August 28.

“Under the unique dance feat, the artistes will perform Simhanandini (forming a picture of Lion with footwork), Mayura Kauthvam (forming a picture of Peacock), Mahalaxmi Udbhavam (forming a picture of goddess Mahalakshmi on Lotus). The Simhanandini will be performed by Dr Pavani and Ms M Bhargavi and the Mayura Kauthvam by Mr M S Ramanujam, while the Mahalaxmi Udbhavam will be showcased by Ms Rekha Madan”, said the founder and dance director of the academy, Ms Voleti Rangamani while speaking to the media here on Tuesday.

Ms Rangamani said that the Minister for Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Mr Vatti Vasanth Kumar, would be the chief guest on the occasion. The president of State Cultural Council, Mr R V Ramana Murthi, the chief secretary of Revenue Department (Endowments), Dr K V Ramana Chari, the coordinator of Tourism and Cultural Department, Dr M Kantha Rao, would be the guests of honour.

The vice-president, Mr Varadachari, the secretary, Mr Narasimhachari, and the organizing committee members, Ms Tulasi and Ms Geeta Pandari, were also present. (NSS)

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