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Leaders hail Botsa as new PCC Chief

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Hyderabad: Hailing the appointment of Mr Botcha Satyanarayana as the PCC Chief, all the speakers have stressed the need to act tough against the anti-party activists. They said that the leaders, who were indulging in anti-party activities by remaining in the party, have to leave the party immediately.

Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of the Transport Minister, Mr Botcha Satyanarayana as the new PCC Chief at Gandhi Bhavan, the AICC secretary and State party affairs deputy in-charge, Mr K B Krishna Murthy, said that the leaders, who were not genuine party leaders have to leave the party. He said that it was the time to the Congress men to get united to face the communal and fascist forces.

Assuring that the high command will extend full support to the newly appointed PCC Chief, Mr Krishna Murthy advised Mr Botcha to go to the people along with the Chief Minister. He said that the outgoing PCC Chief, Mr D Srinivas, worked hard for two terms and successfully brought back the party to power.

Speaking on the occasion, the Deputy Chief Minister, Mr Damodar Rajanarasimha, has said that the Congress was ready to face the leaders, who have grown under the party banner and defying the party now. He said that he was happy that the party flag was fluttering like in the past.

The Union Minister for Petroleum, Mr S. Jaipal Reddy, said that the Mr Botcha Satyanarayana and Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy combination would succeed like that of Dr YSR-DS combination and party would come back to power in 2014.

Describing the Congress as phoenix bird, he said that the BJP would never become an alternative to the Congress in the country as it did not get even the Leader of Opposition position in the just announced results in five States.

The former chief minister, Mr Nedurumalli Janardhan Reddy, said there was a tradition in the Congress party that the leaders were leaving the party after emerging as big leaders. He has advised the new PCC Chief and the Chief Minister to think seriously about it. He said that Mr Botcha believed the party and rose to the post of PCC Chief.

Another former Chief Minister Dr K Rosaiah said that the party will face 2014 elections with confidence if the leaders perform their duties up to the mark. He said that both the Chief Minister and the PCC Chief have to work as two wheels of a vehicle.

The former PCC Chief, Mr M Satyanarayana Rao said that the party high command took a perfect decision by selecting Mr Botcha as the PCC Chief. He advised the Chief Minister and Mr Botcha to work together to overhaul the party.

The State Congress MPs Forum convenor, Mr Ponnam Prabhakar, said that the party cadre’s morale was boosted with the appointment of Mr Botcha as the PCC Chief and they were ready to face whoever criticized the party. He said that the party has to act tough against the rebel leaders from top to bottom. He said that the Chief Minister has to fill the vacant nominated posts to increase the enthusiasm in the party cadre.

Demanding that the new PCC Chief and the Chief Minister give opportunity to the youths by giving 50 per cent quota, he said that the selection of candidates for the Local Body elections must be given to local leaders.

Congratulating the new PCC Chief, the outgoing PCC Chief, Mr D Srinivas, said that the AICC Chief, Ms Sonia Gandhi, has appointed Mr Botcha with confidence that the latter would move forward courageously. He appealed to party leaders to cooperate with Mr Botcha and the high command in strengthening the party.

The AICC secretary and MLC, Mr Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy, has demanded that the Chief Minister and new PCC Chief initiate action against the ‘coverts’ without delay. He stressed the need to act tough and take stern action against the rebel leaders.

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