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Lokpal alone cannot root out graft, reforms needed: Babu

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Hyderabad: Pointing out that the Lok Pal Bill alone cannot contain corruption at all levels, Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu on Sunday opined that the Centre must also bring in financial reforms to contain graft in the country.

Talking to media persons at the NTR Trust Bhavan ahead of the all-party meeting to be held in New Delhi on Sunday to discuss the proposed Legislation on the setting up of a Lokpal, Mr Naidu said that the Prime Minister and Higher Judiciary should also be brought under its ambit.

“We have already extended our total support to the Lokpal. But it must be remembered that unless financial reforms are introduced, vices like black money cannot be contained with Laws alone,” the TDP chief said.

He also demanded that the Lok Pal Bill should be introduced in the Monsoon Session of Parliament.

Alleging that an estimated Rs 73 lakh crore has been stashed away in foreign tax havens, Mr Naidu said that the Centre make ‘complete’ efforts to bring back those funds.

“The country’s image has touched rock bottom due to the stashing away of the black money and rampant corruption in the national. Immediate and concrete steps are needed to contain this evil,” the TDP chief said.

Describing Dr Manmohan Singh as the ‘most inefficient Prime Minister the country has ever seen’, Mr Naidu alleged that the Prime Minister had ‘totally’ failed in controlling scams like the 2G Spectrum scandal from taking place.

“The Prime Minister had not initiated action against (former) Chief Vigilance Commissioner PJ Thomas till the time the Supreme Court had to step in. The Apex Court had in fact slammed the Central government for its inaction,” he said.

“The TDP will seek the support of like-minded parties in its fight to prevent corruption at the higher echelons of governance and we will continue our agitations for this cause,” the former chief minister said.(INN)

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