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Will Majid Hussain as a Mayor chair the last GHMC meeting?

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images (3)Majid Hussain is likely to chair the last General Body meeting of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation as the GHMC Mayor that is to be held on 21st December.

According to the power-sharing agreement between the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen and Congress, the two-year term of Majid Hussain as the GHMC Mayor and Deputy Mayor D Rajkumar of Congress party will come to and on 3rd Jan 2014 and hence both the parties should have to reciprocate the posts for the next one year.
Sources say that the MIM might honour the power-sharing agreement it had with the Congress party severing its ties with the Congress party about one year ago.

In GHMC polls of 2009, the Congress stood as the single largest party with 52 seats. While Telugu Desam Party won 45 seats, MIM emerged as the kingmaker with 43 seats. The Congress and MIM then entered into a post-poll alliance and agreed to share the posts of Mayor and Deputy Mayor for four years with the arrangement for the fifth year to be decided after MIM completes its two-year term.

The Congress party honoured the agreement and its Mayor Banda Kartika Reddy resigned from the post paving way for MIM’s Majid Hussain. Similarly, MIM’s Deputy Mayor Jaffer Hussain Meraj quit allowing Rajkumar of Congress to occupy the seat. Now the second spell of power sharing pact is near completion. As Majid Hussain’s two-year term will come to an end on January 3 there is a strong possibility that the city will get a new Mayor from Congress party.

When MIM has withdrawn itsn support to Congress Government in November last year, it was feared that the Congress Government would remove the Mayor by all means. However, this did not happen. Both the parties maintained cordial relationship in the GHMC and also maintained their dominance in the Standing Committee.

Despite of strained relationship, the MIM wants to honour its political commitment and may ask Majid Hussain to resign after the completion of two-year term.

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