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Mango show 2011 in city from june 6

Posted by on May 27, 2011 3 Comments

Hyderabad: The Department of Horticulture, in association with Economic Committee of Exhibition Grounds, is organising “Mango Show-2011” from June 4 to 6 in the city.

According to a pressnote issued by the Commissioner of Horticulture, the main aim of mango show was to show case the district specific, farmer specific mango wealth of the State. The show would also help to bring awareness among mango growers, general public on harmful effects of use of calcium carbide for ripening of various fruits.

About 45 farmers from 12 major mango growing districts are invited to display their farm specific produce and sell the same in the stalls allotted to them to create branding for produce.

More than 200 varieties of mangoes from AP Horticulture University and farmers will be displayed at the show. A workshop on “Advanced Trends in Mango” will be conducted in Auditorium, Exhibition Grounds on June 5. (NSS)

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  1. Mundru Phani May 28, 2011

    appatiki eamuntai eamduku pettadam

  2. Mundru Phani May 28, 2011

    progaram date fixe chesindi eavaru vadiki eappudu pettalo telusa

    • Aragundu June 24, 2011

      musukoni velte vellu lekapothe navarandralu mamidi kayalatho musukoni intlo vundu


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