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March sucessfull despite police siege: Eetela

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Hyderabad: The Telangana Rashtra Samithi floor leader in the Assembly, Mr Etela Rajender, here on Thursday felt that self-respect of the Telangana people remained undiminished as they achieved victory by successfully holding “Million March”.

Speaking at media point on the premises of the Legislative Assembly, Mr Rajender said that thousands of Telangana people voluntarily flooded the streets and participated in the Million March ignoring the arrests by the police and restrictions. The government, which failed to respect the sentiments of the people, would lose its existence in the democracy. The police virtually laid a siege to 350 areas in the State to stop the people who were coming to participate in the programme. He also alleged that undeclared curfew was being implemented in the Telangana region. It was not possible to the government to hush up the people’s agitation, he made it clear.


The CPI MLA, Mr Sambasiva Rao, has demanded that the people and Telangana activists, who were arrested by the police in Telangana region be immediately released. He also alleged that the police were provoking the Telangana activists, who were peacefully fighting to achieve their demand. He felt that the Congress government would not survive long in the State. Criticizing the police for setting up barricades and blocking the roads at various places causing inconvenience to the common people, he said the police also stopped his vehicle at a junction and inquired about his identity, he deplored. The Centre should take up peaceful process to resolve the Telangana Statehood, he demanded.

bjp SEES Conspiracy

The BJP floor leader in the Assembly, Mr G. Kishen Reddy, strongly condemned the ‘dictatorial attitude’ of the government against the Telangana movement. He reminded that every citizen in the country has right to express his or her protest. The Telangana people were deprived of even that right, he regretted. He alleged that the police were arresting the people in the Telangana region reminding the dark days of Emergency period. He also suspected that a conspiracy was brewing to dilute the Telangana movement.

The CPI(M) MLA, Mr Julakanti Ranga Reddy, has said that the atmosphere in Hyderabad was reminding the people of military rule. Due to the unnecessary traffic restrictions, the people of the city were facing hardship, he regretted. The Centre should intervene and take steps to remove uncertainty in the State, he added. (NSS)

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