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Mareppa Doubts Authenticity Of YSR Letter To Sonia

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Hyderabad, February 4: The former minister, Mr Mareppa, on Thursday raised doubts over the letter purportedly written by late Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy to the party high command on alliance with PRP, which was released by the Congress MP, Mr Vundavalli Arun Kumar, to the media.

Speaking at the media point in the Secretariat, Mr Mareppa said that it was unfortunate that some persons were making allegations and talking in a manner tarnishing image of late leader. “Can a deceased person reply to their allegations?”, he asked.

“I know that Mr Vundavalli Arun Kumar has two tongues, but of late, he learnt changing colors also”, he quipped. He reminded that the persons, who were criticizing late YSR praised him as God when he was alive. He also questioned as to why Mr Arun Kumar made the letter public 19 months after death of YSR. He pointed out that there was no letterhead and signature part in the letter released by the Congress MP.

Claiming that leaders of all political parties would have joined the Congress if YSR was alive for another six months after regaining power for second time, he felt that there was no need for YSR to write a letter to party high command for an alliance with the PRP and suggesting cabinet post to Mr Chiranjeevi.

The former minister said that Mr Chiranjeevi has no charisma and support even in his own constituency Tirupati. The PRP was not in a position to win even 10 ZPTC seats in his native district, he opined.

Referring to doubts on YSR death, Mr Mareppa demanded that the CBI reopen the case in the light of new developments. He also alleged that the administration in the State remained paralyzed and systems collapsed. He also warned that he would launch hunger strike if the government fails to take steps to solve the issues of the common people. (NSS)

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