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MIM Decision ‘Unfortunate’ – Azad

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AICC general secretary and State Congress party Affairs in-charge Ghulam Nabi Azad has said it was unfortunate that the MIM had distanced itself  from the party.

Speaking to the media atDelhion Wednesday, Azad said that he don’t know fully as to why the MIM has  withdrawn  its support to the UPA as well as State Government. He said that he had no full information as to what happened in the State. He said that he would try to talk to MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi and will find the cause for the withdrawal. He said that he tried to talk to Asadudin,  but the latter didn’t come in contact. He said that the Congress party has no differences with the MIM and everything  happened when he was on  a foreign tour. He said he was talking to the Chief Minister and PCC Chief on the issue and opined that the development should not have happened.


He expressed surprise on the rumors that the CLP meeting will be held on November 17 and there would be  change of the  Chief Minister. He said that hisHyderabadtour schedule was  not finalized.

PCC Chief Botcha Sathyanarayana has said at Eluru  that the Congress party was not against the Muslims,  and condemned  Asaduddin’s remarks that the Congress party was supporting  the communal parties. He said that Asaduddin’s remarks were unilateral and added that the Muslim community got justice during the Congress rule only.

Health Minister Dr DL Ravindra Reddy said that nothing will happen to the Government following  the withdrawal of MIM support. He said that he will not say anything on the Chief Minister’s change and added that he will abide by the high command’s decision. (NSS)

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  1. then why is targeting to Muslims ? time after time


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