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MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi has been attacked

Posted by on April 30, 2011 31 Comments

MIM legislator Akbaruddin Owaisi was critically injured in firing by a group of assailants in Hyderabad on Saturday.

The assailants are believed to be followers of a local gangster Mohammed Pehlwan. They reportedly opened fire at Owaisi’s vehicle. They also allegedly attacked him with sharp weapons when he was on his way to Barkas area of the city to attend some programmes in his constituency Chandrayangutta.

At least three others, including another MIM legislator Ahmad Bilala, were also injured in the incident.

Akbaruddin Owaisi was rushed to Owaisi Hospital where a team of doctors is treating him.

Hospital sources said that he was hit in the abdomen and has also suffered injuries on his right hand.

“There was a lot of blood loss by the time he was brought here,” sources said.

As the news of his attack spread like wildfire, hundreds of people rushed to the hospital.

Shopkeepers, business establishments and offices were closed in the old city. Security was tightened and additional forces have been deployed.

Police sources said that four persons were taken into custody in connection with the attack.

Eyewitnesses said that one of the assailants was beaten to death on the spot of the attack by Akbaruddin’s supporters.

Akbaruddin’s elder brother and member of Lok Saba Asaduddin Owaisi is on his way to Hyderabad from New Delhi.

According to police sources, Mohammed Pehlwan was angry at Akbaruddin as the letter was freeing up land plots held by him in the old city.

The incident is being seen as a fall-out of the growing political rivalry between MIM and some local groups. Mohammed Pehlwan has reportedly sided with anti-MIM elements after quitting the party.

Akbaruddin, 35, was the leader of the seven-member MIM legislators’ group in the state assembly.

Director General of Police K Aravinda Rao reviewed the situation at a high-level meeting.

Several important political leaders including deputy Speaker N Manohar have rushed to Owaisi Hospital to inquire about Akbaruddin’s condition.

31 Responses to “MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi has been attacked”

  1. Akbar Allah ap ki hifazat farmayeee……..

  2. Subhaniaqheel April 30, 2011

    Akbar bhai allah apki hifazat farmaye

  3. All give taufeeq to every muslim

  4. MOHAMMED April 30, 2011

    Iss CHOR ki ithni fikar math karo….fikar ghareeb ki karo bhai….yeh saaley ithna jaldi nahi marney waaley hai…… i hate MIM…… many people are uneducated bcz of this such idiots…

  5. syed waheed April 30, 2011

    akber bhai alla apki zarur hifazath karega ameen waheed

  6. Allah may Get Well Soon Akber Bhai

  7. Yours_immu April 30, 2011

    May Allah save your soul for all our hyderabadi youths. Hum Sab ki duaen awoke sath hain Akbar bhai.

  8. Zaheer2621 April 30, 2011

    Akbar bhai Mai Aap ke liya dua karte hu Aap ko hifazat rakhe Ameen …………………….

  9. Zaheer2621 April 30, 2011

    Aap ko Allah hifazat rakhe Ameen ………………………………….

  10. Contact_munnu April 30, 2011

    Akbar Bhai Allah App ko Har Bala se Maifoos Rakkhai Insha Allah Allah se Omeed Hai App Bohoot Jal De Teek Hojai Gai .Taam Muslims Brother se Gozarish hai ke Akbar Bhai Ke Sayaat Ya bi Ke Lay Duwa kare aure kuch Allah Ke Raaste Mey Khairath Kare Allah Hum Sub to Kare Ne Toufeeq Atta Kare Ameen.


  11. Mmkhan15 April 30, 2011

    Inshalla Kuch nahi Hoga Shere Akbar Ko

  12. Masbaigs April 30, 2011

    akbar bhai allah aap ko har burai se bacha

  13. allah apko saheth de ameeeen aap bahot jald theekh hojaoge summa ameen

  14. Imran Wasef ( Saudi Arabia) April 30, 2011

    Allah Aap ko Jald se Jald tikh karde ..Akhbar Bhai…. Ameen…

  15. Shukra hai Report is Good.
    He is saved. It appears that some land row was going on between the two.

  16. Amir_kooolsandy April 30, 2011

    inshallah Akbar bhai kuch nai hota apko hum sab ki dua apke sath hai ..! AKBAR OWAISI ZINDABAD

  17. SAUD MALIK KHAN April 30, 2011

    Akbar Bhai Allah App ko Har Bala se Maifoos Rakkhai Insha Allah Allah se Omeed Hai App Bohoot Jal De Teek Hojai Gai .Taam Muslims Brother se Gozarish hai ke Akbar Bhai Ke Sayaat Ya bi Ke Lay Duwa kare aure kuch Allah Ke Raaste Mey Khairath Kare Allah Hum Sub to Kare Ne Toufeeq Atta Kare Ameen.


  18. Very sad to listen this… Pray GOD for his fast recovery….

  19. Allah sayath atta farmaye….Janab Akbar Bhai Shab aap ku kuch nai hoga hum sab Muslims ke Dua aap ke saat hai….Inshallah aap jal se jal theek hogienga….

    Hum sab aap ke saat hai..Eent ka jawab pathar se deyenga…..(Akbaruddin Zindabad)

  20. Mohd Yousuf21 April 30, 2011

    nothing will happen to hyderabad tiger ( akbar uddin owaisi)

  21. irshad ali April 30, 2011

    inshallah akbar bhai will recover soon allah rabul izzat inko sahet ata farmaye ameen summa ameen

  22. Reddwinks April 30, 2011

    inshallah he will get soon and the culprits will be behind the bars soon …. also we should know that why it has happend and what are the reasons behind this insidence..ek kahawat haiii jo jaisa boya waisi hi phasal kata …MIM hamari shaaan e hyderabad haiii soo keeep it clean yaar.

  23. Nafura May 1, 2011

    Allah tala Jiski Hifazat kare usse koi Nuksaan nahi pohncah sakta

    AKBER Bhai ap Tiger hai……….Allah Apki Hifazat krega……….Sare Muslim Bhaiyon ki dua apke saath………………

  24. Sohail Quadri May 1, 2011

    Akber Bhai Allah aap ko sehet say nawazay meri pori family ki taraf say app Kay liye dua hai…Allah aap ki hifazt karay

    Sohail Quadri
    Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

  25. syed waheed May 2, 2011

    alla app ki hifazth kare our jal se sahet de ameen

  26. Mohammed ibrahim February 14, 2012

    Akbar bhai asszlamalekum,allha sea mere umeed hai,aur dua hai, app jalsea jal teek hojaye, aap gareeb ki rozi ki feqhar karthea ho,allha aap ki jaan ki hifazath karega ,aap imaan ki baath ,imaan ki qhidhmaath karthea ho,,allha aap ki madath,aap ki rahibari karega,aap jalsea jal teek hojaugea ,A mere dua hai,aap ka karkhoon ,Ibrahim,mim,gadwal,

    • Mohammed ibrahim February 14, 2012

      AKBAR BHAI ,Assalamalekum RAHIMATHULHHI WABARKATU,Akbar bhai allhatala aap kea saath hea,har imaan wala aap kea dua mea hai ,akbar bhai aap,hyd, kea musalmanau kea dil kea saath ,sarea imaan waleke dil mea app hai,har musalmaan , imaan rakhnewala aap kea liye dau karega,assalamalekum,akbar bhai,ap ka karkoon ,md.ibrahim.gadwal.

  27. mohamned ibrahim gadwal March 3, 2012

    Akbar bhai assalamalekum, allh se my a dua kartha hu app jal se jal sayath maan hona.app musalman ke liye sakth jarooth ho. akbar sab app gareeb ke pareshani ko janthea ho,akbar bhai app ki madath immaan wale ko hamesha ke liye app ki
    maadath hona chaheye……….assalamalekum app ka karkun md kaleem gadwal.


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