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Mock Assembly Passes Resolution For Bifurcation

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Hyderabad: The Telangana Journalists Forum here on Monday organised a “Mock Assembly” with formation of separate Telangana State in Sridhar Function Hall at Khairatabad. The Telangana TDP leader, Mr Hareeshwar Reddy, acted as Speaker of the Mock Assembly.

Some 30 MLAs from the TRS, Telugu Desam party and BJP were present in the mock Assembly. However, the MLAs belonging to the Left parties were conspicuously absent.

At the outset, the Mock Assembly passed a unanimous resolution on bifurcation of the State. They also passed a unanimous resolution demanding that the Union government introduce a Bill for Telangana State. Later, the legislators paid glowing tributes to the Telangana martyrs.

Speaking in the Mock Assembly, several MLAs complained that the Telangana region was meted out gross injustice. They lamented that there was no protection to Telangana region in the matter of allocation of funds, river waters and posts in the United Andhra Pradesh. The legislators also charged the Seemandhra leaders with trampling upon the Gentlemen’s Agreement.

Stating that Seemandhra leaders were dictating terms in the party, the Telangana MLAs claimed that the backward Telangana was rendered gross injustice in all sectors. The MLAs in the Mock Assembly questioned as to why the Centre was not tabling Telangana Bill in spite the BJP repeatedly assuring its support for separate Telangana State. They also warned that dilly-dallying tactics on introducing Telangana Bill was not good as four-and-a-half crores people of the region were yearning for a separate State.

Calling upon the legislators of the region to get ready to tender resignations en masse to compel the Union government to concede separate Telangana, the MLAs in the Mock Assembly said that mass resignations was the only answer to tame the Centre on the decades old demand. Demanding that the Centre stick to its December 9, 2009 statement on Telangana formation, they claimed that over 600 students in the region had committed suicide for separate State.

They also recalled the speech of first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru that the Andhra and Telangana can de-merge if they do not wish to stay together. The members in the Mock Assembly also felt that the Seemandhra leaders were spitting venom over the demolition of statues on March 10. (NSS)

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