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MSW Professionals approach SHRC for justice

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Hyderabad: The Roda Mistry College of Social Work and Research Centre has approached the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) Chairman on behalf of the Social Work professionals who have masters degree in it from affiliated colleges, and lodged a complaint against the Commissioner for Rural Development (CRD) alleging that he was following ruthless rule for recruitment of Additional Project Officers (APOs) under MGNREGS act. The Chairman called for a hearing on June 7.

Mr M Anil Gupta, representative of SW professionals, has alleged that the Commissioner for Rural Development is only considering the candidature of University Campus students, but not affiliated college students for the APOs.

He alleged that it was nothing but discrimination and also great damage is done to the career of the professionals who go through a rigorous training and are equally and some times more eligible for the post. He accused the CRD saying that they are deprived of their rights of equality and identity only because they are from affiliated colleges. (NSS)

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