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Mushawarat welcomes SC judgment on homosexuality

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jihmarkaz2The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the umbrella body of India Muslim organisations, today welcomed the verdict of the apex court criminalising homosexuality.

AIMMM President, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan said here today that the SC decision reflects law and our deep human and oriental values which are so dear to the Indian society of all shades and colours.

Dr Khan cautioned political leaders not to get swayed by an screaming miniscule minority which wants to import market-oriented western values and impose it on our traditional and cultured society.

Dr Khan said that the vast majority of Indian people and religious and social leaders oppose the decriminalisation of homosexuality. He said the government and legislators should respect the views and wishes of the overwhelming majority of the Indian people. He said a public referendum should be held if these leaders have any doubt about the views of the general public on this issue which has great relevance to our values and survival of humanity.

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