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Musheerabad troublemakers caught on CCTV

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The whole city was gripped with fear following brutal attack by miscreants at Musheerabad. Siasat correspondent talked to the victims of miscreancy at Musheerabad. The Golden Crown hotel was attacked by the miscreants and was caused heavy damages. Owner Syed Hamed resident of Moghalpura told that he had installed CCTV camera to keep eye on customers, the miscreants are also caught on the camera. He has prepared a CD of the miscreants’ evil deeds and handed over the same to the police. It remains to be seen how the police makes unbiased and impartial arrests.

Miscreants also targeted S A Razzaq and sons bone setting centre. They played havoc at the anterior part of Syed Yousuf’s shop. Taufeeq Ali’s new wagon R which was parked in front of his house was also attacked by the miscreants. They also pelted stones at his house and shattered window panes. Miscreants also attacked Dr. Mohammed Abdul Mujeeb’s house. Mohammed Ansar’s house was also attacked, while the miscreants broke the door of Mr. Mohammed Siddique.

Not only houses but the vehicles also became prey to miscreants’ attack. Mohammed Irfan’s Qualis was smashed totally, miscreants threw boulders on Mohammed Inayat’s Maruti car.

Locals told that The police were functioning quite in a lackadaisical manner. On one hand the miscreants were indiscriminately attacking the properties of minorities without fear; the police on the other hand have cordoned off Muslim area and had given complete liberty to the communal forces to ride roughshod over right to perform religious obligations of Muslims. Siasat

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