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Muslim forum condemns Srikrishna Committee Report

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Hyderabad: At a joint press conference held here today, the Muslim Forum for Telangana and Telangana Women Intellectuals JAC, strongly condemn the Srikrishna Committee report, especially the eight chapter and stated that the whole report is nothing but a bundle of lies and actually Srikrishna Committee betrayed the people of Telangana and wasted time, money and resources.

“It is a managed report by the Andhra investor’s lobby. Once again the Andhra ruling class succeeded in managing the person like Justice Srikrishna. With this we can understand their level of conspiracy and to which extent they can go to conspire against the Telangana people”, said the MFT leader Kaneez Fathima.

We had represented before Srikrishna Committee in favour of Telangana. The committee did not consider our reports instead they misrepresented and said the opposite of all the truth. They said that the Naxalism will increase if Telangana is formed which is unbelievable, because it is an ideology. The committee has crossed all the limits by saying that the Muslim political parties will emerge powerfully which is against the democratic spirit of the Indian Constitution, Fathima said and demanded the Central Government to introduce the Telangana bill in the parliament as per the Indian constitution and start the formation of Telangana for the greater cause of the people.(NSS)

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