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Muslim leaders seek postponing Telangana agitations for Ramzan

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Hyderabad: Markazi Mashaiq and Ulema Forum president Moulana SS Asrar Hussain Razvi Al Madani, along with a delegation of Muslim leaders on Monday called on N Kiran Kumar Reddy and appealed to the Chief Minister to use his good offices to forward their sentiments to all concerned and see that all agitation programmes during the Holy month of Ramzan be postponed. The Chief Minister sympathetically responded to their request and assured that to do whatever he can in this regard.

The delegation appealed that the recent agitation programmes, bandhs, strikes etc being carried out by the Telangana and Andhra JAC are causing huge discomfort, huge loss in business and also hindrance to the Muslim Community in celebrating the holy month of Ramzan.

They appealed to all political parties, their leaders, all JACs, students and all citizens of Andhra Pradesh to postpone all agitation programmes, bandhs, strikes etc and all such programmes that affect the common man till the culmination of the months of Ramzan.

They also appealed to the employees JAC to postpone the agitation programme which will effect in non payment of salaries, advances which are very much required this month.

The delegation told the Chief Minister that Muslims and the brothers of other religions join them in these celebrations and Andhra Pradesh has been a State where all the religions have been co existing secularly as brothers. In the month of Ramadan, the Muslims regularly travel to Mosques and places of religious worship. Regular meetings and religious discourses are conducted regularly.

The delegation told the Chief Minister that Hindu and Muslim businessman do brisk business during the month of Ramzan and anticipating this business they buy huge stocks in advance and a good number of petty businessman are involved in manufacturing items throughout the year like footwear, clothes, etc to be sold in the month of Ramzan.

The businessmen invest huge amounts into their trades in Ramzan, the delegation pointed out and said that people who are working at distant places throughout the country and also abroad travel to be with their near ones and spend the month of Ramadan with them.(INN)

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