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Muslims told to shun vices & follow Quranic Injuctions

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Hyderabad: “It is unfortunate that a large number of Muslims are tainted with sinful vices like alcohol consumption, gambling, collecting interest on loan, theft, atrocities against women and involvement in heinous crimes like rapes and murders. These vices are sinful apart from punishable under Indian Penal Code. The root cause of leading such a sinful life by majority of Muslims, particularly Muslim youth is non-observation of Quranic teachings in daily life,” observed Mr Mohd Osman Shaheed, member of AP State Legal Services Authority and former Additional Public Prosecutor of Andhra Pradesh High Court.

Speaking on “Today’s Muslim Society and Our Responsibility” here on Thursday, Mr Mohd Osman Shaheed said that a deep study of the present scenario of the Muslim society led to a conclusion that most of the Muslims are leading life against the Injunctions of Quran. He pointed out that Holy Quran mandates that personal virtues of kindness, purity, chastity, love, affection, truth, respect for covenants, forbearance, trustworthiness, justice, mercy and the like are not mere luxuries, but to be indulged in at convenience, but are indispensable for righteous living. The opposite qualities — hatred, cruelty, indecency, fornication, adultery, dishonesty, falsehood, treachery, hypocrisy, spite, defection, unfaithfulness and exploitation of the weak which work for the disintegration of society are not only vices, but positive sins in Islam and therefore should be avoided, he added.

Mr Mohd Osman Shaheed has appealed to the Muslims to read, understand and follow the Injunctions of Quran as they are answerable to All Almighty on the day of judgment for their every deed and misdeed for which they will be rewarded and punished, however small it may be.

He felt that Indian Muslims would be greatly served if the mosques were to become the intellectual hub of the community as it was in the early Islamic history, where believers, young people in particular, are encouraged to explore, discuss and debate religious questions without fear of censure or reprisal.

Moulana Hafiz, Qari Md Osman Naqshbandi Saheb, Imam of Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad, Mr Mohd Raheemullah Khan Niyazi, former chairman of AP Urdu Academy, Mr Mohd Alauddin Ansari, Advocate and others were present. (NSS)

2 Responses to “Muslims told to shun vices & follow Quranic Injuctions”

  1. Shaik Mushtaq Ahmed May 18, 2011

     Assalam Alaikum

    Apne bandoun ki taubah wahi qubool farmata hai aur in ki buraiyoun ko maaf kar de ta hai aur tumhari har harkat ko Allah khoobh jaanta hai. (Aayat No.25 Surah Ash-Shuara)

  2. Shaik Mushtaq Ahmed May 18, 2011

    Assalam Alaikum,

    Respected Mohd Osman Shaheed Saheb,

    Jazakh Allah

    Mashallah, Allahumdillah  

    Surah Muhammad (s.w.s) Aayat No.38

    Aagah ho jao tumhein dawath di ja rahi hai ke Allah ki raah mein kharch karo phir bhi tum mein se kuch loge kanjoosi kar te hain. Jo bhi kanjoos (Baqeel) hoga iss ki kanjoosi ka wabal ussi par padde ga. Allah toh ghani hai aur tum faqeer (mohtaajh) ho. Hajath mandh toh tum khudh ho agar rab ki na mano ge toh Allah tumhari jagah doosri qaum ko baal kar laye ga  phir woh tumhari tarah na hounge. 


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